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The cookies used by are used in connection to web statistics and to support the functions that make the website user friendly.

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About Cookies
Today, cookies are used on almost all websites and in some cases cookies can be necessary to deliver a service on the site. A cookie is a small data file that websites store on a user’s PC in order to recognize the computer and remember the choices of the user. Below you can find more information regarding cookies and your options to manage them.

Types of cookies uses two types of cookies; HTTP cookies and Flash cookies.
HTTP cookies
Cookies referred to in general are HTTP cookies – also known as ”browser cookies”. HTTP cookies are small text files that are stored by a web server with a ”client”, e.g. on your PC, Smartphone, tablet or similar. A HTTP cookie is a passive file and it cannot spread virus or in any other way harm your PC. HTTP cookies are therefore not spyware or a virus, but contain text data alone, which is exchanged between a web server and your browser.
HTTP cookies are split into:
•    Persistent HTTP cookies, initiated with an expiry time, in order for data to exist on your hard drive for a shorter or longer period
•    Session-HTTP-cookies are only stored in your computer’s memory for a short period whilst you are browsing the net and will automatically be deleted when the browser is closed. Session cookies are not stored on your hard drive

Flash Cookies
If you have installed Adobe Flash on your computer (most people have), Flash cookies may be stored on your computer by websites that use Flash media files (e.g. videos). Flash cookies may contain both data and programs that can be run on your computer. Flash cookies can store more information on your hard drive than HTTP cookies – in fact in the region of up to 100kByte – however it is still relatively small files.

Other types of cookies
There are other types of cookies that are stored by web-browser extensions (plug-ins) which you may have installed on your PC.
First party cookies and third party cookies explained
When talking about cookies, one distinguishes between so-called ”first-party cookies” and ”third-party cookies”:
•    If a cookie is associated with a file requested from the same domain as the page you are viewing, it’s a first-party cookie
•    A cookie associated with a file requested from a different domain is a third-party cookie  

Deleting and controlling cookies
If you choose to delete the HTTP cookies it means that no longer can register you as a visitor in our web statistics and your browsing on the website will not be registered in our analysis in order to improve our site.

Deleting HTTP cookies
All browsers contain functions that enable you to delete HTTP cookies.
You can use the  link below for guidance in deleting cookies in different browsers.  

Deleting Flash cookies
Flash cookies can only* be administered via Adobes Flash tools. Learn more via this link: How to delete cookies
* or in the Firefox browser, if you have installed the extension "Better Privacy".

Other types of cookies
There are other types of cookies stored via installed web-browser extension (plug-ins) that you cannot control or delete. These cookies have no connection to

Controlling cookies
You can set your browser to either give you a warning, ask you to accept cookies, automatically accept cookies, or reject cookies. It is also possible to limit the acceptance of cookies to only include servers/websites already visited. If you select to reject cookies in general you have to be prepared that this may limit functionality and the user-friendliness of many websites. How to control cookies

EU Legislation on cookies
EU Legislation on Data Protection and E-Privacy can be found via following link: eu guidelines on privacy and data protection

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